Lonely Lives the Spider

The other morning was foggy and misty all around.  As I got out to mow one of the parks at work, I looked over the field next to the park and saw about a thousand spider webs still covered in the morning dew.  It was really an incredible sight.  As I got closer, I saw that each spider web actually had a spider sitting in the middle of it. All alone.

When you really look at spiders, many of them truly are beautiful.  They possess a deadly elegance not only in their physical appearance, but in their webs as well.  However, as I looked across the field at 1,000 solitary spiders alone in their webs, I wondered if they ever get lonely.  I mean, the only time that anything comes to visit them in their web, the spider kills it.  So, in true hipster fashion, I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy.

She sits enthroned in the morning mist
The arachnid queen of her silken fortress.
The dewdrops are diamonds that play on her strings
But they’re jewelry of death for the arthropod kings.

They clamor to her courtside, make haste for her hall
As a dutiful hostess she welcomes them all.
Her beauty is ravishing her charm is divine
Her allure irresistible but far from benign.

Will the spider’s rare radiance the fly even remember
As he slowly drifts off to his eternal slumber?
Or will her fair memory fade and be gone
In the foggy gray morning of the vast great beyond?

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